A Brief History of Public Art and the LA River


by Allison Carruth, KCET March 20, 2014 – A long line of visual artists, performance artists, dancers, filmmakers and writers have been trailblazers at this crossroads of public art and river revitalization: a community that includes Judy Baca (creator of "The Great Wall of Los Angeles" mural), Lewis MacAdams (the poet, journalist and filmmaker who co-founded Friends of the L.A. River(FoLAR)), the L.A. Urban Rangers (who developed the L.A. River Ramble in 2011 in conjunction with MOCA), and Lauren Bon (whose 2005 installation "Not a cornfield", as just one example of her body of work, created a "living sculpture" of lush corn planted on a 32-acre industrial site where the L.A. State Historic Park now sits and not far from where "The Unfinished" will find its own similarly temporary home).

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