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2010 -- LA is a mosaic of cultures, languages and perspectives, more of which come together in this place now than anywhere else in history. Living adjacent to the ocean’s boundless horizon also gives us a sense of infinite possibility. At the same time, communication technology connects and empowers groups as well as individuals, giving us the ability to crowd source ideas on a grand scale. As the LA River weaves through every type of space, function and demographic on its 51mile route from valley to sea, it becomes both the perfect metaphor and the physical reality for transforming our great city into an even greater city. Unlike other places in other times, the decentralized nature of LA, and our current society, means that a project like this can only happen as a network of interventions connecting existing series of places.

For decades I’ve been collecting examples of civic revitalizations all over the world ( Inspired by images of people celebrating life in beautiful and fun public places, I’m personally drawn to urban gardens and public art as expressions of this vitality and spirit. There is no doubt we need more of this in Los Angeles, which is why I serve as a board member of the LA River Corp, and why I created

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