Helpful Tips On How to Landscape for 2016


It's time to pre-order the 2016 Landscaping Lightly Calendar!

The calendar is a great opportunity to get involved in our effort to combat the record-breaking California drought. It's designed to engage homeowners and provide them with practical information that helps them change their water use and landscaping practices.

Since 2012, Council for Watershed Health has partnered with many agencies and companies to produce the Landscaping Lightly Calendar. With useful tips and fun vintage-style illustrations, the calendar is designed to inspire residents to save water and create healthier communities. Order your calendars and help us promote water conservation, stormwater capture, native plants and more. As an added bonus, partners who order more than one hundred calendars will be also be recognized within its pages.

Conserve Water by Landscaping Lightly Every gardener is a landscape manager, whether they realize it or not. As a group, individual homeowners have incredible power to affect natural ecosystems and water supply. By that token, we can have a considerable impact on environmental health by giving them the tools they need to understand how to landscape lightly.Educate for SustainabilityIn 2012 Council for Watershed Health published a calendar that was designed to engage homeowners and provide them with practical information that would motivate them to change their landscaping practices. The results were fantastic – almost immediately, we began getting calls from residents asking where they could get their copy.Spread the WordWe partner with businesses, municipalities, water agencies and others to get the calendar into the hands of those with the interest and capacity to make these changes to their landscape. Now in the calendar's 4th year, our goal is to get these tips in the hands of an additional 7,500 homeowners and business owners. To accomplish our goal, we need as many distributing agencies to join us as possible. Signing up to distribute Landscaping Lightly will help ensure that our Southern California landscapes contribute positively to the health and well-being of future generations. As stewards of this region, each of us can make positive changes in our own backyards to protect and grow our local water supply and biodiversity. Please join us!

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