McEnery Park – Great Public Spaces| Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

    McEnery Park is an event for children of all ages within San Jose’s Guadalupe River Corridor. An acre of asphalt tennis courts adjacent to the river was transformed into an alternative urban environment for experiential and imaginative play. A meandering, 300 foot ‘kidstream’ was created as the soul of the park and the focus of play experiences. Archetypal water elements celebrate the river’s nature and history: the Mist Fountain explores the mysterious source of the river in the rocky heights of the Santa Cruz Mountains; the Sand Bar expresses the low flow character of the river and its cycles of flood and drought; the Diversion Channel recalls the historic use of the river for agricultural irrigation in what is now Silicon Valley. The Park is also a lively, lighted pedestrian ‘paseo’ linking River and City after dark.