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Salinas River Enhancement

Discover how citizens worked together to secure greater public access to the Salinas River.
The Salinas River is a central feature of the Paso Robles, California, landscape. However, access to this natural resource is severely limited due to an assortment of physical barriers and private development. Recognizing the problem, local government and community leaders came together with support from the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program to create “Follow the River, Follow the Dream,” a Salinas River advocacy group. Initial successes of the group include the purchase of over 150 acres of land dedicated to improved public access, restoration of five acres of river corridor, construction of a 1.5-mile parkway trail and the installation of bilingual interpretive signs along the trail. Future development plans include a revitalized Paso Robles riverfront district as well as additional public access points and multi-use trails.

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