The Urbanophile : Cincinnati’s Dramatic, Multi-Billion Dollar Riverfront Revitalization Nearly Complete


    America’s cities are the the bedrock of the nation’s social, cultural, and economic well-being. They’re also the places most Americans call home. For the good of their regions and the nation as a whole, they must, and can, learn to be sustainable. That means demographically and economically as well as environmentally. By discarding failed stereotypes and strategies from a very different age that no longer work today, and adopting instead progressive principles across an integrated set of domains that reflect today’s realities – including architecture and design, arts and culture, civic branding, economic development, the global economy, historic preservation, land use, education, regionalism, strategic planning, talent attraction, technology, tourism, transportation, urban culture, and sustainability – and which are tailored to the local environment, cities can create unique regional strategies to guide themselves to success.