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Designing a Healthy LA

Historically, there exists a strong relationship between the design of our cities and public health.
Designing a Healthy LA is intended for those responsible for the planning, design and construction of our City and its open spaces, buildings, streets, and neighborhoods. It presents fundamental information on opportunities and strategies for planning and design decisions that directly affect health, while recognizing the great diversity of cultures, physical settings, and differing needs of Los Angelenos.

A broad range of topics and best practices addressing the physical environment, often requiring minimal intervention and costs, are provided in the following pages. Optimally, as many relevant recommended strategies as possible should be incorporated into each project. The more strategies are utilized, the greater the project’s potential impact on health. Significant documentation exists on the beneficial aspects of environmental design on health outcomes and it is these evidence-based design strategies that are the basis for the recommendations in Designing a Healthy LA.

Health is a shared responsibility and a pursuit for all of us – not just the health department or medical community. Prioritizing a healthier city and people through the choices we make in designing our communities results in a better, more equitable quality of life for all the residents of Los Angeles.

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