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What is WaterSmart?WaterSmart is a software-as-a-service offering that transforms your meter read data into a highly effective, customized water conservation and customer engagement program.

Your customers receive WaterSmart’s world-class Home Water Reports and self-service Web Portal.
Your utility receives analytics that reveal insights into your customers, their consumption, & their program participation.
WaterSmart is quickly and seamlessly deployed to the web and requires no integration or hardware on your part.

The mission of WaterSmart Software is to help water utilities make it easier for their customers to save water and save money. Using our software and services, our utility partners educate their consumers about how much water their household is using, how it compares to others and how they can save water and money. WaterSmart has proven that armed with this information, consumers use water more efficiently. Incremental gains in water efficiency at the household level translate into significant system-wide savings for WaterSmart’s partner utilities.

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