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Buildings become canvases in Las Vegas’

Message to graffiti artists and taggers in downtown Las Vegas: It may be time to move on. You’re being upstaged by the pros.

The artists are from JustKids, but there’s nothing childish about the murals they are bringing to the center of the city. The organization’s website says it’s “a network of curators, artists, designers and art consultants” that is “dedicated to spread art all over the world.”

JustKids’ two latest efforts, on the exterior of the north tower of the Plaza Hotel & Casino, are also the organization’s biggest. A comic book-style theme prevails in “Behind Closed Doors,” a work by  British artist D*Face. 

“The scale of this, when you stand underneath it, is just amazing,” Jonathan Jossel, the hotel’s CEO, said as he peered up from the fifth floor pool deck.

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