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DCA’s mission is to strengthen the quality of life in the City of Los Angeles by stimulating and supporting arts leaders. A new method for DCA to promote the social and economic impact of the arts is through distinguishing regional innovators as Cultural Trailblazers. These peer-selected artists have been chosen for their contribution to the community and caliber of their work.

We will be featuring the work of these artists weekly on this page and on our social media channels.

Ser Anzoategui

Ser Anzoategui is non-binary playwright/solo performer/artivist/actor/producer from Los Angeles with Gender pronouns: ‘They/Them/Theirs.
Transnational storyteller, embodying gender border crossings by the seconds, this playwright/performer creates a world where the audience is a full sensory participant; creating rituals/queering them to share message.

Most known for their solo show, ¡Ser!, a Queer transnational solo theatre soccer show spectacle. ¡Ser! garnered 5 LA Weekly Nominations (including Best Solo Performer), two LA Weekly awards, and multiple raving reviews.
Ser’s second solo about queer and trans topics, Catholic School Daze, sold out in theatres throughout Los Angeles and universities. Karen’s solo work led to their casting in a guest star role in the Emmy nominated original HULU series East Los High, Season 3 & 4.

Chiwan Choi

Chiwan Choi is the author of 3 collections of poetry, The Flood (Tía Chucha Press), Abductions (Writ Large Press), and The Yellow House (Civil Coping Mechanisms). He wrote, presented, and destroyed the novel Ghostmaker throughout the course of 2015. He is also Editor at the arts and culture blog, Cultural Weekly. Chiwan is a partner at Writ Large Press, a LA based indie publisher, focused on using literary arts to resist, disrupt, and transgress.

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