‘How Can You Not Love Color?’: Damien Hirst Explains How Bonnard Inspired His New Gagosian Show

    Damien Hirst has offered a sneak peek into a new body of work, titled the “Veil Paintings,” set to debut at GagosianBeverly Hills next month. The multi-colored paintings, Hirst revealed, are inspired by Post-Impressionist French artist Pierre Bonnard.

    “I’ve always loved Bonnard and his color,” Hirst said in an Instagram post. (His account has become more personal of late.) “I went to see a show at the Pompidou in Paris of [Willem] de Kooning and Bonnard when I was a student and both artists blew me away.”

    The artist wasn’t shy about the “Veil” works’ relationship to their inspiration. “They’re like like big abstract Bonnard paintings, I’ve been playing with the scale and the big ones feel perfect. How can you not love color?” he wrote. “Sunlight on flowers, fuck everything else.”

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