Angels Flight: How it works and what it’s been through in its 100-year history

Angels Flight, Los Angeles’ beleaguered landmark, is scheduled to reopen as early as Sept. 4 after years of inactivity. The funicular, or cable railway built on an incline, has a storied past. It has moved locations, closed after accidents and was recently featured in the film “La La Land.”

The dormant, issue-ridden Angels Flight that Angelenos know today runs between Hill Street and California Plaza, connecting L.A.’s Bunker Hill neighborhood and Downtown’s Historic Core, half a block from its original location.

The historic cars were built in a Beaux-Arts architectural style. You can take a virtual tour of the Olivet car here, shot with a Matterport 3-D camera.

Two cars, Sinai and Olivet, are connected by a shared cable and run in opposite directions on an inclined railway. The cars run in opposite directions on an inclined railway.