Eat works of art from Sprinkles Cupcakes for World Art Day

A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but on April 15, World Art Day, it’s all sugar—all the time, thanks to Sprinkles Cupcakes.

While the whole world is celebrating the fine arts and creative activity, the baking confectioner will be doing its part of adding beauty to the world by selling artful cupcakes from its Gold Coast location (50 East Walton) this weekend.

The cupcakes will feature edible artwork from the likes of such artists as Milwaukee native Maggie Michael, Adrien Saporiti, Chicagoan Kim Schoenstadt and Shinique Smith.

A portion of ArtCupcake sales will be given to Americans for the Arts, an organization that aids and advances other groups and individuals who create, promote and support the arts.

So go get your mini-cake on before you have to deal with something not so sweet, AKA that tax deadline.

(April 15 is also Chance the Rapper’s birthday eve, but we’re sure you knew that already.)

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