Maryland High School Removes Shepard Fairey Posters, Deeming Them “Anti-Trump”

Since inauguration day, artist Shepard Fairey has made his We the People poster series available online for anyone to download and share with their communities. But teachers at a public high school in north Maryland who recently hung the artist’s striking portraits of black, Muslim, and Latina women in their classrooms have been forced to remove them, as the administration has deemed them “anti-Trump,” and their display, therefore, a violation of school policy.

As the Carroll County Times first reported, officials at Westminster High School last week had initially removed, then allowed the posters to remain on the walls as the teachers said the works, rendered in the same style as Fairey’s famous “HOPE” campaign poster for Barack Obama, were simply messages of diversity. After researching them further, however, administrators decided they were political and were critical of Donald Trump, Carroll County Public Schools spokesperson Carey Gaddis said. The red, white, and blue works thus came down for good.

“We allow political posters if it’s part of the curriculum,” Gaddis told the Carroll County Times, adding that teachers would have to represent all sides involved.

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