Priced Out Artist Moves To Folsom, Leaves Heart in San Jose

Erica Atreya never fell out of love with San Jose. The Silicon Valley capital just became too damn expensive. Her husband, Krishna, really wanted to buy. But even with his engineer’s salary, the couple could only afford to rent a one bedroom town home.

The Atreyas soon realized that if left the San Francisco Bay Area, they could actually buy a piece of the proverbial American dream. So they started house-hunting farther and farther afield, in places like Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore. But their goal of homeownership continued to remain elusive. “We kept getting bought out by people who were offering cash,” Atreya says.

Finally, the Atreyas found their way to Folsom, east of Sacramento. Erika Atreya loves the small city’s easy-going vibe and its proximity to nature. But she misses San Jose.