Ten Experts to Watch on Urban Water Policy and Infrastructure

Conservation and innovation at the urban level have helped California weather five years of drought. Here are 10 leading experts helping California’s cities to be drought-proof and more water efficient.

FIVE YEARS OF drought have brought both big challenges and big changes to California’s urban water systems. Amid yearlong mandatory water cuts, residents of California’s cities have made massive efforts to conserve water at home and at work. Many water agencies have stepped up programs to treat and reuse water. Policymakers have made headway in regulations for water recycling. But there’s ample room for growth.

Experts around the world are watching how Californian cities think, research and innovate to create a path of sustainable growth in a future with fewer water resources. Meet some of the crucial voices our editors and contributors look to for expertise on this topic.

Richard G. Luthy is a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University and a senior fellow at the university’s Woods Institute for the Environment. Luthy is also the director of the NSF Engineering Research Center for Re-Inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt), an interdisciplinary, multi-institution research center that promotes new strategies for urban water systems to achieve more sustainable solutions to water challenges.