The Main To Make Museum Offerings Bilingual

Museum will present materials, exhibition information, and programming in both English and Spanish to better serve Los Angeles and expand accessibility to its community

LOS ANGELES – The Main Museum in Downtown Los Angeles today announced that it will begin to present museum offerings in both English and Spanish. Spanning everything from staffing to programming to in-gallery and online materials, The Main’s bilingual programming aims to make the museum as accessible and welcoming as possible to the Los Angeles community. The bilingual offerings will launch this September with a program presented in English and Spanish at Beta Main, the test site for The Main Museum.

“As a new institution focused on engaging the public with Los Angeles art and artists, it is vital that we recognize who our L.A. audience is and how to best engage all visitors and potential visitors to the museum, whether on-site, online, or anywhere we meet,” said Allison Agsten, director of The Main. “With nearly half of L.A. identifying as Hispanic or Latino1 and more than half speaking a language other than English at home,2 it is essential that museums understand and address the benefits of having such diverse populations to consider.”

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