The Miami Underline Looks Like It Will Be the City’s Next Best Outdoor Destination

A brand new, urban park is coming to Miami.

The Underline, a 10-mile project that will connect South Miami, Coral Gables, and downtown, is already ongoing under the elevated Metrorail.

Designed by the same designer of the High Line in New York City, the park is planned to be, first and foremost, an urban trail to help be a transportation solution for many Miami residents. The bicycle and pedestrian will connect from the southern neighborhoods to downtown Miami and other destinations as well as be a link between those neighborhoods and the central spine, creating in a regional network of trails.

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But the Underline won’t only be for getting from point A to B. It will also be a beautiful space for a linear park and living art destination, measuring in width ranging from 70 to 170 feet. Designers are collaborating with Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places to create a unique place for residents to enjoy the outdoors and art in their own city. Plants planned for the park will be native to the area (and therefore well-suited to the soil and climate), and will provide habitat for many pollinators and butterflies as well.

The project is expected to cost $120 million and the City of Miami committed $50 million to build it. The rest of the money is still being fundraised.

The Underline is planned to be completed by 2020. Until then, Miami residents will have to dream of their perfect park destination.

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