Winter Rains Bring Attention to Los Angeles River

It’s time for spring-cleaning in Los Angeles.

Usually that term relates to housekeeping: throwing away unwanted items, organizing closets, and washing places that have become dirty over the winter.

But in this case, we are talking about the massive project of cleaning up the Los Angeles River in Southern California.

The river runs about 80 kilometers and passes through 14 cities. It ends at the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach.

Usually the riverbed has very little water. But not now. California received record-breaking rainfall over the winter. As a result, the river is full again.

All the water has brought plants, animals, and trash. Lots of trash. Plastic bags, paper cups and even old pieces of furniture found their way into the river.

In addition, water wiped out camps on the riverbank where homeless people were living.

Now volunteers are working to clean up the mess.


Lauren Scott works for the American Chemistry Council. It is a business group. Many of the group’s members are companies that produce plastic items for people to use. Some of those items wound up in the river.

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