Furniture One Can Grow

Terra! by Studio Nucleo is a grass armchair made of cardboard frames that can grow in your garden and become a permanent staple on your lawn.

The concept originally began in 1999 and gained traction when an interested buyer requested her very own chair to fit in with her growing garden.

Now, newer technology has allowed the Grass Armchair to make a comeback, so to speak, thanks to Kickstarter.

The process is simple, it consists of a cardboard frame into which you pour dirt, add seeds, and allow the grass to grow.

The Design

First, find an ideal location

For assembly, follow the numeration sequence and the orientation of the cardboard frames

Fill the armchair of 2/3 of volume of expanded clay, or with any other not compressible materials

Seed, add dirt, and water

Three sizes: a chair, a loveseat version, and a three-seat sofa