A Floating Billboard

Not only does it advertise but it would suck up the pollutants along the LA River. Just like UTEC’s air-purifying billboard, this floating billboard in Manila does more than just advertise.

Located in the Pasig River, it was created in a joint effort by Japanese cosmetics brand Shokubutsu Hana, The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, Vetiver Farms Philippines and TBWA/SMP to help clean up the river.

The first of its kind in the Philippines, the billboard is made of ‘Vetiver’, a type of grass that can absorb toxic material and help reduce pollution in the water.

Spelling out the message ‘Clean River Soon’, the billboard is capable of cleaning up to 2 to 8 thousand gallons of water per day.

Besides reducing pollution levels, the billboard also serves as a reminder to people to think twice before throwing rubbish into the river.

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