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BE CIVIC: Support Common Ground!

Unycyn Civic Arts is a 501c3 devoted to uniting visions and missions to cultivate common ground.

UCA was founded by Cynthia Hirschhorn, an environmental designer and advocate for healthy civic life. As many voices in “unison” connect to make harmonious sounds, “unycyn” aims to connect visions for harmonious civic space.

Please join our leadership and advisory groups to cultivate and sustain healthy and beautiful civic life by aligning resources, programs, projects and power:   

  • Navigators Network is a council of advisors including leaders in civic education, cultural communication and resilient communities aligning missions through civic arts projects and education programs focused on WATER. Join us in civic partnership and participate on our Council of Advisors for!

  • Civicas connects LA women leaders across public, private, and philanthropic sectors to foster partnerships, align missions, and amplify assets that cultivate and sustain civic health. Our LA women’s leadership network also convenes in “A Room Where it Happens” for conversations with state, national and global leaders offering perspectives from outside our region to catalyze local partnerships at the civic scale. Los Angeles, California, and the United States exemplify the benefits of cultural diversity, so let’s combine civic education with creative collaborations and show how finding common ground always helps us be more effective, powerful and successful. Check regularly for civic news, events and resources. Share items you’d like to see included at


form civic partnerships by aligning missions with groups, programs and resources like these:

potential partners to connect: