Los Angeles’s 10 most popular Instagram spots

Last week, Instagram unveiled its list of its most frequently photographed cities, and Los Angeles came in at number six. Not a bad showing. (We were only one slot behind Paris, and we beat Rio de Janeiro). 

Where exactly in this sprawling metropolis were people Instagramming? The photo sharing app furnished Curbed with a list of the 10 most geo-tagged places in LA, and, very predictably, big tourist draws such as the Santa Monica Pier and Universal Studios Hollywood claimed the top two spots. 

But some of the other locations, including Dodger Stadium and LACMA, are attractions that even locals enjoy. 

For the full list, scroll down. We’ve also combed through Instagram to find the prettiest posts of each, and we’ve highlighted our favorites below.

1. Santa Monica Pier

2. Universal Studios Hollywood

3. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

4. Walk of Fame

5. Dodger Stadium

6. Staples Center

7. Downtown LA

8. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

9. Hollywood

10. The Broad

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Chris Alexakisart