Humanity lives in a moment of global connectedness — all the world’s knowledge carried with us in our pockets. But by having everything everywhere all the time, we’ve lost something more profound along the way, the immediacy of this place at this moment.


What if there was a new way to connect to a place? A way of bringing that power of digital information to here and now.  That’s our mission at Perceptoscope.


Part technology think-tank, part public media arts experiment, Perceptoscope is a mission driven creative collective built on open source principles. We work with place-based organizations to shares stories with their communities and beyond.


We do this primarily through the deployment of Perceptoscopes. Similar in form factor to the coin-operated binoculars we’ve all used growing up, Perceptoscopes add objects and information to a view of a space in stereoscopic 3D. They can reveal the hidden past, highlight present points of interest, or speculate into the future

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