There's a secret concert series along the LA River underneath the 2

Summertime recreation may be coming to a close on the LA River, but the folks behind a semi-secret show in Frogtown are still busy celebrating the much-maligned waterway.

Earlier this summer, artist Ryan Patrick Griffin took his live "Projected Visions" series of light installations to the concrete shores of the LA River. For the past couple of months, he's been teaming up with the sometimes-cacophonous, sometimes-smooth jazz trio Joshua Payne Orchestra.

Though the light and music shows started out a bit hush-hush, they've upped their visibility recently, with the next performance taking place Sunday, September 11 at 8pm. The concert is free, but the Projected Visions series welcomes donations. You'll find the performance underneath the 2 freeway in Frogtown, with access from either Fletcher or Riverside drives.

Griffin's live projections use light in "a poetic, performative and public way to radically repurpose place." If you've seen his performances—or any videos, like the ones below—then you'll know that his hypnotic, playful projections live up to his transformational mission statement.


The Joshua Payne Orchestra, meanwhile, is a self-described jazz trio with a DJ's playlist, whose repertoire ranges from lounge music to a cover of Dr. Dre's "The Next Episode."

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