Santa Monica’s Lincoln Boulevard could get pedestrian-friendly makeover

A long stretch of Lincoln Boulevard through Santa Monica is all set to get a major makeover that will make the street a bit more accessible to bicyclists and pedestrians. As Santa Monica Next reports, the city’s planning commission is set to review plans for the project’s first phase this coming Wednesday.

The Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Plan seeks to promote public transit ridership and improve the experience of walkers and bicyclists along the stretch of thoroughfare between the 10 Freeway and Ozone Avenue.

Phase one of the project, which has just finished an extensive public comment period, would add three new crosswalks to the street and enhance four others, establish a dedicated bus lane during peak hours, add crosswalk striping to 20 side streets, establish 52 curb ramps, add landscaped medians and curb extensions, and plant 48 new trees.

According to a staff report, the first phase will cost $2.5 million and could be completed by the end of 2018.

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