Because we already spend enough time in our cars: The best scenic drives in LA

The car is king in L.A. But these past few weeks of rain and slippery roads have made streets even more miserable than usual.

The weather is set to be nice this weekend and it’s getting to be perfect scenic drive weather. And while it sounds crazy to want to actually get in your car to drive in Los Angeles, Associate Editor at Time Out LA, Michael Juliano has some suggestions that might just change your mind.

Juliano wrote all about L.A.'s best scenic drives and when he stopped by Take Two he spoke to A Martinez about the top three.

"It feels like a very elegant, historic drive to me. There's a lot of ritzy neighborhoods in Los Angeles county, but there's something about that one in particular, that's so charming.

The route that I list, you start in Glendale and climb up through some really beautiful hillside communities and then eventually you go past the Art Center campus and then as you start to climb down there's this beautiful view of basically the entire Arroyo..."

"You start off on the ground here and maybe an hour later you're 6,000 feet up, hugging along steep mountainside roads that, every time I'm up there, I think to myself,  'How in the world did they build this?'

The views are just really incredible. You are so high up and the wall on the side of the road is so low that it's almost frightening at times."

Michaels pro-tip: Drive with a friend and switch off driving. One person drives on the way up, the other drives on the way down.

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