Dramatic before & after images: How El Niño transformed the California landscape


la-drought-before-after-20160317-003 California is still in a drought. But there are some dramatic signs of improvement -- especially if you look at some of the state's most important reservoirs. Months of rain and snow in the Sierra region have done much to replenish the reservoirs, which are a key source water for the state.

Now, officials are increasing releases of water from the lakes.

Here are some images of what's going on:

Lake Folsom

Here are some dramatic photos of how much water Lake Folsom has gained in recent months. The lake was dangerously dry a year ago but has seen an impressive revival.

Lake Shasta

Shasta is one of California's most important reservoirs, providing water for large parts of the state. It's also doing very well.

Oroville Lake

This is also a key source of water, and is also coming back to life.

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