Drawing a Personal Map of the Los Angeles River


September 23, 3014 – A place is a physical thing, we know, but it also is a psychological phenomenon that lives only in the minds of people who experience it. The smells, the sights, and most of all the crystallized experiences that occur in a certain space all remain alive in memory, to be accessed every time we start to tell a story. In an effort to capture the magic of place, Lila Higgins, urban explorer and insect lady who works at the Natural History Museum, has been conducting play memory map workshops along the Los Angeles River, as well as other venues. In recent memory, Higgins gave workshops to campers at the Los Angeles River's first ever campout at the Bowtie parcel last May 31.

She and two students from Pasadena Waldorf school also did the same for attendees of the Play the L.A. River launch at this month's Frogtown Art Walk, but with a slight twist. Instead of looking back into the past, Higgins asked her participants to look to the L.A. River's future.

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