New gates intended to keep cars off the L.A. River path


ELYSIAN VALLEY — Motor vehicles are prohibited on the L.A. River path, but cars, trucks and motorcycles have been seen every once in a while on the path reserved for cyclists and pedestrians. Last October, however, there were renewed calls to keep motor vehicles off the path after residents reported seeing police in “fast pursuit” of an allegedly stolen Jeep.  This week, the City Council approved a proposal by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell to allocate more than $27,000 to make and install security gates where Ripple and Gilroy streets end at the path. Says the motion:

This is a public safety measure to prevent further non-emergency vehicular access to the shared walking and bike path.”

In a previous interview, De La Torre with the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch said that he knew of at least three other instances when cars had been seen on the path. But last October’s incident was the first time he was aware of a police chase taking place on the same strip.

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