A New Shepard Fairey Mural Is Going Up as We Speak, and Here’s Where to Find It


It’s part of a massive endeavour to bring street art to a school in Koreatown. Last year he got arrested at LAX. Last month he unveiled a sick new design for L.A.’s library card. And now, legendary street artist Shepard Fairey is back at it, working on another mural in L.A. On Tuesday he posted this semi-cryptic photo to Instagram, revealing that his latest project pays homage to Robert F. Kennedy. He didn’t reveal where the mural would be.

Of course, there’s only one place in L.A. where a mural devoted to Bobby Kennedy truly belongs—the site of his 1968 assassination. The mural is going up in the courtyard of Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, a massive complex that houses six autonomous pilot schools serving 4,000-some Koreatown students. Just a few blocks east of Fairey’s “Peace Tree” mural at the Line Hotel, it’s the former site of the Ambassador Hotel, where Kennedy was ambushed in the kitchen and shot three times on June 5, 1968. Two Judy Baca murals honoring RFK’s legacy were painted in the old ballroom of the hotel when it was converted to the schools’ media center in 2010. And now the one-time presidential hopeful will get the Obama “Hope” treatment, in navy, cream, and red.


Fairey is actually just one of 28 incredible artists—among them “Angel Wings” artist Colette Miller—who are working on murals around the schools’ campus this week for the Branded Arts RFK Mural Festival. It’s a five-day extravaganza put on by Branded Arts in collaboration with the LAUSD and Thinkspace Gallery to get school kids pumped about creativity, and it culminates in a grand reception on Friday at 5 p.m. Tours of the works in progress are being led every evening at 4:30.

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