Six Ways We Can Keep the World From Drying Up


Early last year, Californians, already deep in their state’s drought panic, confronted a depressing statistic. Governor Jerry Brown had called for cities and towns to voluntarily cut down on water use by 20 percent, but a survey of water departments showed they hadn’t managed to improve the situation by even 4 percent in March, compared to the same month of the previous year. The poor results suggested an important lesson: Water conservation isn’t going to happen on its own. Brown responded by mandating water-use reductions, which, so far, seems to have more of an effect. His effort is part of a growing push to save an increasingly scarce commodity—a problem that isn’t only drying up California’s rivers, but affecting people all over the world.

What can we do now to protect our water supplies? And what technologies will ensure California and everywhere else will have safe, clean water for years to come?

1. Water Recycling

2. Desalination plants

3. Delivering water where we need it.

4. Efficient Conservation

5. Analytical tools

6. Renewable Energy


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