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By the Numbers

355 billion: Gallons of water used by the United States per day

80 to 100: Gallons of water used by the average American per day

13: Gallons of water used by Cape Town residents per day during “Day Zero” restrictions

51,356: Community water systems in the U.S. (8,762 of them reach 92 percent of the population)

41 million: Number of households in the U.S. that may not be able to afford water for drinking, bathing, and cooking by 2020

309,000: Estimated number of public pools in the U.S.

10.4 million: Estimated number of residential swimming pools in the U.S.

Water Use, Mapped

Americans are getting better at conserving water, according to a U.S. Geological Survey report released this month. The Washington Post reportedthat per capita domestic water use has plummeted from 112 gallons per day in 1980 to just 82 gallons in 2015, a 27 percent decrease. The map above from Data Is Beautiful on Reddit shows how different regional uses compare by county, with thermoelectric power, irrigation, public water supply, and industrial uses. 

statistics and map from CityLab Daily, Atlantic Media

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