Mountains to Sea programs inform and prepare students of all ages to engage in civic actions supporting water resiliency

Water connects us. Decisions are being made about this precious resource that all life depends upon. Water issues can vary depending on location, including flooding, drought, pollution, access, and other challenges to healthy and abundant water supplies.

"Mountains to Sea" educational programs aim to inspire more thoughtful choices by individuals and communities about using this precious resource. 

Potential solutions to some of the individual and civic scale issues recognized with "Mountains to Sea" could be developed through "H2O+", a proposed support program to align resources with impact investing.

Mountains to Sea civic education programming is designed to include and align information and resources that groups like these may already focus on in their own work so as to have more impact by connecting on water issues: 

  • water resiliency issues identified by local and global experts (100 Resilient Cities, ProCon)
  • impartial analysis (ProCon) 
  • civic education curriculum development (ProCon, Action Civics, iCivics) and simulation games (NCSOFT, etc.) 
  • incubator/accelerator to develop solutions for some of these issues into social enterprises and opportunities for impact investment 

This information can then be communicated at the civic scale through:

  • murals (Obey, Beautify Earth, local mural groups)
  • posters (Amplifier, Obey)
  • virtual gallery (Paddle 8, Artnet) of water-themed art, with a percentage of sales serving as a sustainable revenue stream supporting the civic arts and education program.
  • social media (viral images, graphic statistics, gifs, newsletter, websites)

In Spring 2018 we'd like to educate Angelenos from Mountains to Sea about water resiliency issues at a site adjacent to the LA River. FLOWfest could be a place and project based civic education faire along the LA River, including groups like these and other potential partners listed in the gallery below.

Count me in:

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Attend regularly scheduled and special events presenting environmental education followed by art workshops at outdoor classrooms near your school! Best times for me to meet are :

More potential partners to connect with relevant programs and resources:

Outdoor classroom art gardens foster civic action based on environmental education + public art + urban gardens:

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Prototype environmental/art education programs at existing outdoor classroom along the river, Fall 2015:

Things we'd like to see and do at outdoor classroom "art gardens":

Connect with relevant LA2050 proposals: