flowproject.la is a platform for civic arts and education partnerships, programs & projects supporting water resiliency

We support cultural communication about the common-ground issues of water affecting communities everywhere.
We program opportunities to align missions and amplify resources for beautiful, healthy civic environments.

current events

Be informed with thecurrent curated events, news and history of civic arts & water resiliency in LA, and beyond!

civic art

Create River of Beauty civic art projects with water-focused murals, posters & art to engage civic action. 

civic education

Become engaged educated through Mountains to Sea civic education programs focused water issues.

be inspired

Be inspired by global civic arts and resources to cultivate & sustain beautiful, healthy civic spaces. 

 Connect and practice the "art of being civic" by aligning missions that amplify resources to cultivate & sustain beautiful, healthy common ground, in LA and beyond!

(How it works:)

H2O+ showcases our Civic Resource Bank project focusing on water as proof of concept:

Water Resiliency Project Flow chart 2.png